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From: Genny McCain
Subject: A Genny story - Traverse City A Genny StoryWeekend in Traverse City
This is a story that took place after Melly and I had been dating for a
while. I was already madly in love with the girl, but she was slow to
move on to the next step. If love between two women offends you or if you
are too young to be reading this, Please go else where. This is not for
you.I am Genny.October in Michigan. If the rain hasn't pedo orgasm washed all the leaves off the
trees it can be the most beautiful season of the year. Melly and I had
been dating since early summer. By Labor day we were exclusive. I was
already madly free pedo incest pics in love with the girl. She was everything I wanted and yet
had never even seen in a woman.I'm not sure which one of us suggested it but be decided to go away for a
long weekend. At first I suggested some fun in Atlantic City, but
we thought that a quiet getaway would be better. A nurse Melly works with
had been to a B&B up north and she raved about it. Melly made all the
arrangements for just the two of us.I was very excited. In anticipation of some great lovin, i had not
masturbated in almost a week (a personal record for me). I was quite
randy and fantasies had been playing thru my head all day. I picked Melly
up from the hospital on Friday afternoon and we were off. From Lansing to
Traverse City is about 2 1/2 Hours. Melly drove and I cuddled up next to
her. We played soft jazz and enjoyed the beauty of the turning leaves. It
was dark by the time that we pulled pedo illegal mpeg up to the bed & breakfast. The lady
that answered the door looked a little surprised to see two females at
her door. But I think she got the idea. I held Melly's hand as she showed
us around the grand old place. In our room she pedo guide pedo free tgp asked if we would be
needing another bed. Melly just gave a sly smile top list child pedo and said"No this pedo 15 fuking will be just perfect."The room was great. It was on the third floor with a balcony that looked
down on Lake Michigan. There was a fire going in the fireplace and a big
canopy bed in the corner. As soon as we were alone I ran and jumped on
the big bed."This is great" I said as I rolled around messing up the covers.I watched Melly busy herself around the room. Poking the fire and
lighting a few candles. I propped myself up on some pillows, undid my
jeans and slipped my hand inside free pedo cartoon
my panties. "MMmmmm that feels better. Do you know how long it has been since I did
this?"Melly looked at me and chuckled "Probably about 4 hours if i know you"I gave a little pout "No really it has been like a whole week."I pulled my pants the rest of the way off and went back to playing with
my self. Melly kept giving me little looks as she moved about."Would you like to watch me?"Melly smiled children pedo forum and walked over extreme pedo boys to the side of the bed. I arched my hips
as I slipped two fingers inside my sex. Melly grabbed my wrist and pulled
my hand out. I could see my wet fingers gleaming in the candle light. She
brought my fingers up to my lips and with a big smile I opened my mouth
to taste myself. Melly pulled my hand back to her and sucked my fingers
clean."You should learn to share " she said."Would you like to sample the real thing?" I whispered as I pulled the
crotch of my panties to the side. pedoworld cp Melly looked down at my puss"Isn't that pretty"Then she brought her hand down for a gentle slap. I jumped a little."Did you like that?"I blushed, "Yes" I answered as i pulled the panties down and off.I leaned back and spread my legs for her."Yes, I liked that a lot."Her hand came childs pedo nude down again. Slap! a little harder this time. Then again,
Slap, little girls nude pedo and again, Slap. I could feel my pussy getting wet as she continued
to spank it."Oh Melly, do me sweetheart, fuck me."Then she stopped and I let out a moan as I raised my hips to urge her on."No, I think not.""Oh Melly don't tease, touch me.""No, you wanted to play with yourself, go ahead, I'll just watch.""I would rather have you do it." I said as cute as I could.Melly just got up and went to the foot of the bed. She pointed at my quim
and said "You do it."I slid my hand back down between my legs and brushed my outer lips. Melly
gave me an evil smile and started to undo her pants. I slipped just one
finger inside of me and started to gently probe, in and out. Her staring
at anime hentai pedo pics
my sex was a little embarrassing but also very exciting. A second
finger found it's way inside and I pressed my palm down against my mound.
Melly pushed her pants and undies to the floor and stepped out of them
then her blouse followed. she was standing with just her bra on as she
watched me push my fingers deep into my pussy. I let out a growl and
raised my hips high, exposing myself to her completely."Baby come here, pedofilia free videos please." I really wanted to feel her fingers finish me
off."No, I want to see you cum. Cum for me. Make yourself cum, you nasty
girl."When she talks to me like that i go crazy. I pushed deep into my pussy
and ground my palm against my clit. My hips pushed up against my
hand. Knowing she was watching everything I was doing, set me off. Bamm!
I started cuming. My eyes shut and I was seeing stars. I clamped my legs
together and rolled over on my side. My head was spinning as the orgasm
washed over me. "Ohhhhgh" was all that little asia pedo i could get out. I was still
glowing from my cum brasil pedofilia pics
when i felt her weight on the bed. I turned to her
and wrapped my arms around her. She pulled me close and my mouth went
naturally to her tit. She ran her fingers thru my hair and pulled me
tight to her nipple."Mmmm what a good girl, What a very good girl" she said over and over.As I nursed contentedly my hand slid between her legs. She adjusted her
position to allow me access to her sex. I rolled pedo nonude over on top of her,
still sucking her tit and rubbing her pussy. I could feel her juice on my
fingers and smell her excitement. I started south trailing kisses as I
went. Melly has the thickest, blackest, and longest pubic hair i have
ever seen. I can get lost in it for hours. Her scent is wonderful and her
taste is devine. I am in pedo boy top 100 heaven between her legs. I grabbed a pillow and
slid it under her hips. Her legs spread and I could see her juice running
down the crack of her butt. I sniffed and kissed lightly around her sex.
Then a few light licks. I would have loved to tease her until she she
screamed for me to eat her, but to tell the truth i am so weak when it
comes to pleasing her that I could not denigh myself the wonder in front
of me. I started licking deeper. Melly let out a moan and I pushed my
tongue past her lips. My nose was bumping her clit as i sucked all the
juice I could from her puss. Melly planted her feet and pushed her hips
up against pedoporn video my face. My hands held her cheeks and I let one finger slide
up to poke at her ass hole. Her whole body began to stiffen then relax.
it took all I had to stay with her. I captured her clit between my lips
and started to suck on it as I had her nipple. She bucked again and the
end of my finger entered her behind. She started talking real dirty
(something I love) and then just exploded. Her juice flooded my face
and I greedily sucked up as much as I could. I held on tight, hoping to
get her off again. I was rewarded with another moan and another gush of
her sauce. I tried to stay glued right where I was but I had learned that
Melly can get very sensitive after she cums. She pushed me away."Good God Girl, your going to kill me like that one of these days."I eased off and just laid my cheek on her pussy. I could cp pedo xxx feel the heat
coming from her and hear her pulse beat in my ear. We rested for a few
minutes. I might even have fallen asleep. Melly pulled me up and we
wrapped our arms around each other and kissed deeply. I love kissing, I
need lots of it, and mostly I love kissing her. She could taste her sex
in my mouth and on my tongue. We cuddled there in the candle light, with
the fireplace setting the mood. Just as I was about to fall asleep Melly
whispered in my ear that she loved me. My eyes welled up childs nudes pedo and I hugged her
hard to me. The rest of the weekend went like that. We pedofilia free videos would take long
walks holding hands along the empty beeches or sit in the coffee houses
in town stealing little teen kids pedo kisses and touches.Then we'd run back to our room
and make love. Our other house mates always gave us knowing smiles childs nudes pedo
breakfast.It was over too soon and then it was back home to our busy schedules. On
the trip back Melly asked when the lease was up in my apartment. I just
held my breath and said I didn't have a lease. thirty days notice was all
I had to give. The silence seemed to last forever."Would you like to move in with me?"I thought my heart would burst. To keep pedo portal porn
from screaming out YES! YES! YES!
I had to cuddle up to her and whisper"More than anything."This November it will be three years and I have never been happier in my
whole life.I hope you have enjoyed this story. Lots of people have asked me to write
more about Melly and I. I told Melly it is her responsibility to supply
me with sexy experiences I can share. I told her she must be my muse. She
just smiles her evil smile and says "I'll do my best.If anyone wants to write me, I am thrilled to get your letters. I am at
gfire55hotmail.comKisses to all Genny
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